The Caseboy

$29.99 $50

Be the first of your friends to have the most entertaining smartphone case on the market! Our newest iPhone case can play multiple retro games while also providing your phone with high quality indestructible protection. Step back into the classic reality of retro gaming! Equipped with 36 pre-loaded games, you will always be entertained even when your phone is dead! Relive those childhood memories with the Retro Color 8-bit iPhone Case


  • This iPhone case plays a ton of your favorite classic childhood games 
  • Great gift for parents, children and friends.
  • Powered by a built-in micro usb rechargeable Lithium Ion battery for up to 4-5 hours of retro-gaming fun
  • Full bumper protection
  • Save battery life on your iPhone
  • Case leaves all charge ports/headphone jacks accessible
  • Complete 8-bit sound with three different audio levels 
  • Micro USB charging port (separate cost)

Protect your phone! Our high quality silicone material provides you with a durable shockproof case, while also doubling as a handheld game- right on the back of your phone!

Weighing only about 3 ounces, This case will not make your phone feel too heavy or bulky.

Simple to operate:

Built with sensitive keys for an easy playing experience. The case is also designed with high quality materials for a comfortable feel and great experience for the player. Won't automatically turn on/off in your pocket as the power button needs to be held 3-5 seconds to power on and off. 

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